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Why foreigners are looking for Russian wives? Answer is in a personality


There is hardly a country where women are more popular with western men than from Russia. The good looks with long, mostly blonde and straight hair is just one of many reasons.


The traditional, but nevertheless very confident demeanor of the Russian women impressed the western men. In addition, no one flirts better than Russian women. In addition to a neat appearance, mentality and character play an important role for Russian women.

How To Find A Wife There?


Russian women differ in many facets from women on the west: For example, in the idea of  a strict division of roles in relationships and families.


Russian women see different roles in a relationship for themselves and their partners. The man is always asked to take the initiative. Before an Eastern European partnered with you, she would like to recognize your initiative or your efforts. The ladies from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus particularly appreciate this.

A strong interest and effort gives her the feeling of uniqueness and desire. You "conquer" your wife and if you impress her, she answers you with her love and full of devotion. In other words, Russian women like confident and active men who show initiative.

Family values for Russian girl


In general, Russian women show a lot more patience and tolerance than western women, but a little less than Ukrainian women: this is because in Russia the key word of the family is interdependence and mutual help! Indeed, the Russian family is based on this principle of interdependence and the Russian women are very attached to their family members. They want equality in the education of children or sharing household chores. But they also want to remain in their role as women, in the arms of a man who soothes them, in the arms of the beloved, the companion, the confidant and the husband. You will surely be caring and faithful wives, with traditional family values, but in no way submissive women!

First date – some life hacks


  • Cozy and relaxed - the date in the café. Not only women find it very pleasant to get to know each other in the café over a cappuccino or a hot chocolate. The date can be a success in a relaxed atmosphere. Because if both feel good, the first step towards getting to know each other is already done. Do you immediately have a particular café in your head that you particularly like? Then suggest it for the first date. This is how you take the initiative. Your counterpart will certainly appreciate that.


In a café with a beautiful view, you can get to know your counterpart in a relaxed manner and let your gaze wander over the surroundings during breaks, without it being unpleasant.


  • Classic and timeless - the date in the restaurant. Candlelight, a good meal and a glass of wine: the date in the restaurant is the classic get-together, not only in Hollywood films. As the saying goes: "Love goes through the stomach." Whether Italian or Chinese: A good meal makes you happy and is the best prerequisite for a successful date. If you still need tips for ordering: ask your date in advance whether he or she is vegetarian or allergy sufferer. As a precaution, reserve a table in case the place is full. If the waiter wants to take the order, do not order the cheapest wine. He can be of good quality. Avoid spinach, herbs, and be careful with lettuce, as green stuff can get stuck between your teeth and looks anything but nice. Don't eat too much: first, it doesn't make a good impression, and second, an overfilled stomach doesn't exactly stimulate conversation, but at most digestion. There could be other dangers lurking. The same applies to the wine. Drink a glass, but not too much - otherwise the date can get out of hand quickly.


  • Casual and casual - the date in the bar. If you want a date in a relaxed atmosphere, a visit to the bar is a good option. One advantage of this is the close proximity that you have to your date partner. By touching (unconsciously or consciously brought about) you both come closer, which can be an advantage for a quick getting to know each other. Unlike in a restaurant or a café, the initial stage fright disappears after the first cocktail at the latest. However, the volume level in the bar should not be so high that you can have a good conversation - you don't want to shout at 300 watt speakers. A tip for men: be charming, compliment your companion and give her a drink. Don't drink too much alcohol to loosen up. Drink only as much as you can tolerate. Alcohol makes you lose, but it increases the risk that you will lose control and not behave as you intended.


  • Dark and intimate - the date in the cinema. A cozy evening for two in the cinema? Not everyone thinks this is suitable because you can't really get to know each other there. That is why it is often recommended that you only meet in the cinema on the second date. The darkness and the physical closeness that you have there creates an intimate situation right from the start. For those who can handle it, that's fine. A first meeting in the cinema doesn't have to be bad for getting to know each other. In the two hours that you sit next to each other during the film, you can get used to the situation. This can reduce the stress level. It also has a big advantage: after the film, you have a topic to talk about with a drink at the bar. Questions are allowed during the film as long as they don't appear too often. After all, your companion shouldn't feel annoyed.


  • Go for a walk in the great outdoors - the date in the park. Do you and your date have common hobbies such as cycling or walking? Then a date in the park is perfect. During a walk in the park or in the zoo you can chat and get to know each other in peace. Afterwards you can still go to a café if you want.

What People Say About Mail-Order-Bride


Of course, you cannot make generalizations about all women from a particular country, but clichés and prejudices usually have a true origin. Why Russian women attach great importance to character and mentality is because they place great value on the family and therefore live very traditionally. They are therefore not always easy, but if you understand them with all their intentions, we can learn from Russian women mentality and Russian women character.


The traditional behavior of Russian women is mainly reflected in dealing with friends and family. A lot of value is placed on a good relationship and a lot of trust. This magically attracts men not only from Europe or USA.


Russian women 's mentality and Russian women' s character are also particularly attractive to us because they are not afraid of being female. While in our society in the west women are becoming more and more men and men are becoming women, in Russia men are more male and women are more female. This has nothing to do with oppression, but simply with the fact that the role of women and mothers in Russia is valued and the roles are clearly divided. By the way, the attitude and the behavioral pattern also apply when you get to know them.


This does not mean that the woman does not have a career - on the contrary. Russian women also go to universities, work and spend semesters abroad, but it is still an honor to raise a child and start a family in Russia, while on the west motherhood has unfortunately taken a back seat. Russian women mentality and Russian women character therefore exude this very special self-confidence, which the western men often miss with the western women.

Are Russian brides legal?


Of course, absolutely legal.

What kind of men do Russian brides look for?


While western women have to be strong in order not to be considered a whiny woman in society, Russian women are very sensitive and open because they are proud of being a woman and thus automatically emphasize the peculiarities of a Russian woman. While western women are told at a young age that they have to make a career and have to keep up with men in all areas, including when it comes to professional and technical matters, and thereby lose a lot of sensitivity and femininity, this strengthens the Russian women's mentality ,


Russian women's mentality and Russian women's character is far from being just a cliché and a prejudice. If you have ever dated Russian women, you will quickly notice that they are much more feminine, open and direct. Her self-confidence is based on being a proud and traditional Russian woman with all of her virtues. This is especially visible when flirting, where they can put western women in their pockets. Since a Russian woman is very female, the man has to get along with it, of course, which is sometimes even easier than understanding a female woman.

How much does it cost to get a Russian bride?


Let's say, Russian mail order brides cost is from around $45 to about $150. Here's the full range of subscriptions: 125 credits – $44.99. 250 credits – $69.99.

Guide to Finding Your Perfect Russian Bride (tips)


All of this works well in real life, but what does the initiative look like when you get to know Russian women online?


  • Send the first message. Show your interest and send a message to your chosen one! Russian women are reluctant to take the first step. They rarely show their interest in you in the form of a first message. They are more likely to open your profile and give you a non-binding "Like". They want, and are used to, that the first step comes from the man.


  • Show genuine interest through questions and timely answers. When getting to know each other online, it's difficult to assess a person's interest or lack of interest. The Russian lady wants to feel your sincere interest in her. You show her this in communication: Ask her questions and write detailed information about yourself and your goals.


  • Note: If an Eastern European constantly has to ask questions in her communication with herself and have to strive for new topics of conversation, she quickly feels pushy and thinks that you are not interested in getting to know her.


  • Listen to her attentively and with interest. Note important data about yourself and your goals.


  • Express the desire to meet. It's not a big secret that a stereotype of Western Europeans and online dating with Russian women has spread. To our regret, many women think that men who are looking for a woman online are only interested in letter contact and are not ready for a real meeting in Eastern Europe. Certainly no sensible person will book a trip to Russia after a short exchange of letters. But the lady should feel that you have this will and are ready for it. You should address this sooner or later and do not wait until she invites you. The initiative should come from you and we are pretty sure that mentioning your willingness to visit it will make a good impression. Let them know that you are interested in a real and non-virtual relationships.


The first meeting: travel to Eastern Europe yourself or invite a lady to visit?


Did you find your dream woman in a beautiful Russian woman, who also shares a lot in common with you? So far, however, you could only get to know each other through lively and harmonious email contact, correspondence or through Skype conversations. From week to week you feel more drawn to each other and dream of a future together. The need to meet you in person as soon as possible becomes the dream of NUMBER ONE.


But where will the meeting take place?


Should you travel to Eastern Europe / Russia or do the advantages outweigh the advantages of inviting the Russian lady to your home country? It is understandable that there is a contradicting feeling in this question. Unfortunately, Eastern Europe is still not considered an attractive and safe travel destination. Perhaps you have only heard of negative prejudices, dangers and risks. But what happens if you ask your lady of the eye with the question: 


"Would you visit me for a first meeting in my home country?"


Experience has shown that we can confirm that Eastern European women tend to react suspiciously and inaccessibly to this offer. They cannot understand that the man they met on an east-west dating site is not ready to visit them in their home country. However, this only applies to the first visit. If this was under a good star and was promising, your dream partner feels more confident. Her confidence in you has grown and she will be happy to visit you at your second meeting in your hometown.


At this point we would like to go into more detail on the topic. Let us explain why you should take the first step. Why it is better not to tell the dream woman about your concerns about a visit to her home. And what reasons the woman could have to avoid a trip to Europe.


Why do most Russian women refuse to fly to Western Europe for the first meeting?


  • The financial aspect. An Eastern European cannot usually afford a trip to Europe. Therefore, if the man does not want to visit her in her home country, she will expect her to finance it. You will find important comments on this at the end of the article.


  • The seriousness of a man's intentions. Unfortunately, with online dating not everyone is ready to clearly define their dating intentions right from the start. All too often Russian women meet insincere men looking for a life partner. They build trust in them unsuspectingly and sympathy becomes affection. Until one day they have to realize that the man only wanted to have fun with a single rendezvous or a romantic vacation. He was never interested in a serious and lasting relationship.


A visit to her home country is therefore the surest proof of serious intentions for an Eastern European woman. She highly appreciates when, despite negative opinions or clichés about Eastern Europe and his own insecurity, the man is ready to start this long journey. This is the only way she can trust that he is interested in her life so far, wants to get to know family and friends and respects her home.


  • Mentality and mindset of Eastern European women. It is due to family upbringing and social perspectives that many women in Eastern Europe have a strong idea of  how a man should be. As a rule, they want a strong man who knows what he wants and who takes responsibility for his wife and children. You want to be able to rely on a man who takes the initiative and is ready for "big steps". The best example of "big steps" is of course the willingness to visit your home country. A man who reacts negatively out of fear or concerns is promptly "written off" by the lady, listening to her inner voice, as a weak and incapable man. It's not for nothing that Russian wisdom says: "Deeds describe a man better than 1000 words".


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